About Us

About Us

Bitcoin Expert India was founded by Mr. Pankaj Tanwar to help and guide people, who are willing to learn about Cryptocurrency and want to earn from the opportuinity of the lifetime.

Our Mission & Vision to make aware all the World about bitcoin 'The future of Currency' and  all the other cryptocurrencies and also  all the information about bitcoins, altcoins & bitcoin mining & how you can do trading and bitcoin mining with us and earn through bitcoin trading and mining.

Founder - Mr.Pankaj Tanwar

हम सपने देखते है, उनको पूरा करने के लिए !

वो लोग कोई और होंगे, जो सपनो को सपनो में देखते है !

-- पंकज तंवर --

Cryptocurrecy world is a New Ear in the world of Currency specially Bitcoin ' Future of Money ', Its a People money and people owns it and you don't require any mediator like banks or any third party to do transactions or trade, Free world Free trade.. It is a revolution of this time and believe me if you take it seriously, it can change your fortune.

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